Nick Jonas is on a bit of a hot streak right now. While newly married he and his brothers are on a tour, and he is about to star in a major holiday blockbuster, “Midway”. which opens in November. Things seem absolutely perfect right now.

And his fans are upset.

Turns out he is not so perfect after all, as Nick recently appeared in a photoshoot, and he managed to trigger some of his devotees.

Wow! What set off this reaction?! Well Nick who, in his late 20s qualifies as an adult, did a rather adult thing and he posed for a photo while brandishing a cigar. I know, ghastly stuff!

What seems to be overlooked by these overly-concerned fans is the magazine, the cover on which he appears, is rather targeted to this very activity.

Oh, so it was not merely some prop that he unthinkingly employed for dramatic purposes?! You mean this is an activity in which he engages? Huh.

That did not stop the harpies from leaping out with condemnation.

Oh – did you see what she did there?! She made a play on words with his name, and smoking! Almost, dare I say it, a Nick-name!!! (seriously, with these people…)

What is even more amusing is the way reactionaries felt the need to rush in and deliver some pertinent information about Jonas’ new bride — because, you see, Nick is oblivious to these details.

I swear these people. I love how they feel they have deep insights into those whom they have never met.

Sounds pretty smug. And further, that avi with the cigar is TRIGGERING!