As many were not aware, we need to make an announcement — John Travolta had a new movie debuting in theaters this past weekend. Don’t feel awkward if you were unaware, as few actually were, and we understand if you did not attend — because NOBODY attended the release of THE FANATIC

In the film Travolta plays a learning disabled adult who entertains tourists by being in costume and posing for pictures, and he develops an unhealthy and violent obsession with an action movie star. Critics have savaged this while audiences have ignored it.


The Hollywood Reporter has the numbers. On the film’s opening day on Friday, it made a paltry $3,150. Over the course of the extended 4-day Labor Day holiday weekend Travolta’s release would not even take in $15,000. Understand, in weekend box office figures the discussion is in the millions of dollars.

Some details behind this: It was released into only 52 theaters, while major releases get more than 4,000. However, even on that low scale, the film averaged less than $300 per screen, when averages trend into the thousands of dollars. One theater reported a return of under $10. so ONE person bought a ticket???


Uh, yes — there is another factor in this failure: It was directed by Fred Durst. You heard correctly — the former frontman for Limp Bizkit made this movie.

It has been a while since we saw anything of notable quality from the man. He has descended to DVD-only titles, or this kind of weak release going to video-on-demand this weekend. we have to reach back to recall the last legitimate hit film he was seen in.

Well…at least he was dancing…