One of the trademark characteristics of millennials often commented upon is that they have a tendency to only regard events in their generation as historical. This applies to cultural items (one young writer recently claimed their watching YouTube videos was of higher cultural significance than “The Breakfast Club”) but it also involves things of a historical and social nature as well.

While the obliviousness is itself not a problem it does become an issue when those millennials are reporters and the write pieces that are — comically oblivious.


Do they really think this is some sort of new construct in the relationship between the sexes??? Allow me to interject, but the use of sexual favors to barter for services is possibly not a contemporary development?

Hey, let’s at least give the Post credit here; at least they did not go with BREAKING to describe this new development that has cropped up in the past few…centuries.

The paper does itself no favors here because it seems to believe that proof of this being a new phenomenon was found — there is a hashtag!!!

“Choreplay” — exchanging chores for sex — is on the rise and making waves on social media. Wives are cheekily coupling the hashtag #choreplay with images of perfectly tidied playrooms and freshly mopped floors to show that their husbands have been busy around the house — and they’re about to get busy in bed as a reward.

And of course, as with any development on social media the social harpies and scolds were out in force to bark about this “new” transactional arrangement. But we do not need to show you the obvious.

I do like the concept of this possible development:

Honestly, the flip side of this formula had to be acknowledged.

Then there are apparently options as well.

Now hold on — just WHO is the one making the sandwich?! If it is the wife there will be problems!

But I suppose we can just humor the Post here and let them feel as if they made some type of discovery. Meanwhile, couples will just continue on with their long-established “Floors mopped – panties dropped” formula that has worked fine for generations.