By now many have seen the quoted that were released from President Barack Obama, in reference to the tragic shootings this weekend. CNN’s Jake Tapper retweeted the quotes,, along with the printout of the words from our former President.

Of course, one of the first things to note is a rather famous quote from Obama.

Oooops. Maybe we are not allowed to bring that part up???

There is nothing particularly objectionable in Tapper presenting this quote. However when placed in the context of recent events things become vastly different. For instance, how about that post-shooting interview Tapper had with Beto O’Rourke, where he flat-out asked Roberto the leading question.

Also, many noted that Tapper had no such comforting quotes from the former President — or any other prominent Democrats — following other shootings. Those would be incidents where the background of the perpetrator did not fit the narrative quite so comfortably.


And what truly makes Tapper presenting these words on “fear and hatred” appear completely obtuse is the fact that that just weeks ago we saw a completely different individual providing quotes at Tapper’s behest.

Annnnnnd, there it is. The segment on which Spencer appeared was not some bland background about supremacists. They brought him on to actually demean the President. Except — when Richard Spencer says of Trump “he gives us, Nothing!”, that is actually a white supremacist saying Trump is not a supremacist.

So CNN has legitimized Richard Spencer as a valid opinion-maker, AND essentially proves Trump is not the racist they insist that he is.

All while the weekend has been spent by Tapper, and numerous others on CNN, doing all in their power to sow even more intolerance and discontent. Sorry Jake, a blithe quote from the President who oversaw dozens of mass shootings during his terms is hardly enough to wallpaper over the division your network is creating.