Journalistic curiosity Laura Loomer has made a name for herself a number of ways. Working for herself, or nebulous outlets, staging stunts in a self-aggrandizing manner, and becoming the self-professed “Most Banned Woman In The World”.

Some may be questioning if this is another one of her staged moves, but Loomer has just announced she intends to run for the US Congress in the 2020 elections. She will be running in Florida’s House District 21. Maybe if you want your candidacy taken with more respect a state other than Florida would be a wiser pick?

Loomer is a lot of things, but an authoritative, or even a threatening voice is something that requires more evidence. This is a woman who claimed that her well-past-the-service-date tires had been slashed. This reporter once broke the news that while attending a private party she noticed government spooks in the area.

Despite her reputation as a (fill in the blank) there are some who actually see her candidacy as something nefarious.

I don’t know — all of these hysterical people have her positioned as a major threat of some sort. She is, after all, someone who could not even barricade herself properly to Twitter’s corporate headquarters.

Sure there are wide-ranging opinions about such a prospective campaign, but let’s be honest here — this is Florida. Of COURSE this can result in a flaming wreck of varying proportions. It is what we do down here every election, after all.

In fact the Democrats have already gone the typical “That’s ray-cist!!!!” routine with Loomer’s announcement.

Sure, the party adept at denying Ralph Northam’s racism and the anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar will try to demand others must comply with their “Condemn-Or-Own” standard. This will not end in laughter – promise!

Honestly, in this area the campaign should be properly off-kilter — meaning, few will likely even notice.

Ah man — 2020 is going to be so much fun…