Trump Derangement has afflicted a number of prominent individuals and one notable player has been reputed Republican strategist from Florida Rick Wilson. Not only has he written a book slamming the President he has parlayed his never-Trump position into regular appearances on news shows.

Nothing says “GOP Media Guy” like becoming a regular on MSNBC.

Wilson’s latest curiosity here does not (unsurprisingly) even involve the supposed party he works with. It seems following the debate Wilson referenced Gabbard, and this led to him becoming the target of Russian bots. This proves…something.

What did Wilson say that made him the target of the nefarious Russian hackers? Possibly this not-at-all politically volatile comment.

If this was enough to have a phalanx of hackers go on the offensive then I need to rotate the tinfoil chapeau I’ve been wearing. We are to believe that this toss-away joke inspired a troll farm in Moscow to go on the offensive — on behalf of a Democrat candidate, and this proves Putin/Trump are in on it??

Oh….kay, then…

The most revealing aspect of this theorem is how many are in agreement with Wilson in his assessment. Uh, one addendum: It should read “How many are in agreement who are not likely to listen to a GOP strategist”.

Makes perfect sense: a Democrat candidate dared to go after another Democrat candidate during a Democrat debate, so naturally this PROVES Russian involvement with the GOP. The flowchart is irrefutable!!!

This is what it looks like when you see Russians behind every political action. Two career Democrats have a spat and it somehow manages to prove the Republicans are orchestrating this at the behest of Moscow. It is a crazy enough plan to just maybe work!!!

Not everyone manages to buy into Rick Wilson’s claim he was a Russian target of nefarious communist hackers.

Yea, if Mr. Wilson is so concerned with foreign influences you would think he might keep slightly quiet about his enthusiasm with a foreign power. His ravings are in collectible form.

But here is what is most notable about Wilson in all of this: His theorem about Putin is something that sprang up in the wake of Kamala Harris being called out in the debate — from the Democrats. And Wilson’s timeline is filled with responses from irate Democrats upset that Gabbard dares go after Harris – with facts.

Curious details that surround a “GOP Media Guy”.