Twitter is many things to many people, and one of the more mysterious aspects has surrounded the distribution of the coveted blue verification checkmarks. It originally was a tool to verify when an account was a parody or was actually operated by the legitimate celebrity/journalist/royalty/politician/infomercial spokesperson.

Frequently though we encounter individuals whose claim to the blue check is an outright mystery. Which brings us to the most famous of racists on Twitter, Saira Rao. She is so obsessed with white people and their opinions that she seems perfectly tailored as a parody account — except for that damned verified blue check!

The latest has Saira acting in her usual condescending fashion.

Well since she wanted to open up a dialogue with the white guys they rose to the offer.

Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

OOooooooohhhhh … a moral quandary!

And while on the subject of scared white dudes we need to be thankful one of them was brave enough to ask the SERIOUS question that needs to be addressed.

This is the end-all question. Not until this issue gets resolved do we entertain any of Saira’s other concerns!