Maybe we should grant them a little bit of slack over at Think Progress. After all, they have been rather preoccupied, what with adding up all that red ink from the money they are losing. So there is a good chance they simply have not had the time to actually go outside.

One of the weather cycles we see played out in the press twice every year is the lectures about how basic weather occurrences do not prove climate change, and also how basic weather occurrences are held up as evidence of climate change. They simply cannot help themselves,  and the meteorologists at Think Progress have leapt with their latest forecast.

For the sake of editorial accuracy (not a remarkable dose of lack of self-control), the link to the story was opened, and hilarity followed.

The sub-headline declares: “Trump policies push parts of Florida and Texas to endure five months a year of a heat index over 100 degrees.” But then reading through the piece you will be delivered nothing but prognostications; these are all things promised to happen IF we do not take action. “More likely”, “will become”, “could experience”, and on and on.

That’s the way it works. Everything has to be attributed to AGW in order to show how nefarious the concept actually is! And as if the genius minds at TP did not beclown themselves enough, they turned to a supposed expert in climate issues — the disgraced and discredited Michael Mann! It was at this point that all permission was granted to stop reading.

But make one thing clear: this is ALL Donald Trump’s doing.

This is where you see exactly how little cerebral power was employed for this piece. We are told that Donald Trump is the most ineffectual President ever, that he is intellectually challenged and may even be mentally unfit for office — oh, and he can also control the weather!

Now who does this science-denier think he is, injecting science into a scientific discussion?!?!

This is a great lesson for anyone who mistakenly finds themselves encountering a Think Progress piece, or tweet. Read it in Sylvester’s voice and then it all makes a lot more sense.