So of course President Trump had to go and ruin the fun of the Democrat civil war that broke out this weekend by tweeting out comments. He was deemed to be racist by those with a knee-jerk reaction to such things, and as a result they all paused in their bomb-throwing to unite in outrage against him.

As anyone on the left instantly overreacted with feigned outrage why NOT also have celebrity blue-check yuckster and Food Network host John Henson joining in?! Being quasi-famous and ensconced in Hollywood John clearly feels he is above certain social standards — namely those set up by his fellow bubble elites.

This latest began when, following President Trump’s comments on certain members of Congress relocating to other countries, CJ Pearson made a measured response in defense of the President’s comments.

This was when Henson thought he had a pithy response he needed to inject.

This is rather typical with the celebrity set. They claim to defend minorities loudly, but the moment one displays an opinion that differs from the collective narrative they are instantly able to be insulted in harsh ways.

Pearson, according to Henson, is some sort of hostage victim, for forming his own opinion. Clearly as a black man his opinion is wrong, and he MUST be suffering from some sort of condition to be so incorrect.

Henson was properly set upon for his view.

And CJ picked up on the reductive language as well.

John tries to extricate himself next, and does not succeed.

The telling bit here is that in the quote from Trump that has everyone bleating about race, he never mentioned anyone by name. But the assumptions are in place, and therefore racism is alleged. Yes, his tweets were certainly unneeded, but if he does not cite someone specific, what race was he supposedly offending?

Henson meanwhile was offensive to someone very specific, and thus his racism was far more blatant — while alleging racism.

And not content to stop digging Henson kept trying to save face, when he had already cracked a dozen on it himself.

I’m here to help, John: Accusing racism in others while simultaneously suggesting how a black individual should properly think is the apex of hypocrisy. (Or, in this case, is it “nadir of hypocrisy”?!)

It is always a revelatory treat when the luminaries who consider us beneath them expose their true feelings and fail to even realize it. John Henson was so eager to make a slam about what he was assured was racism he could not even take time to analyze his own words.