It is not overly shocking that Kamala Harris would choose to make her racial makeup a central theme of her Presidential campaign. Or, shocking at all. She used it to make a severe hit on Joe Biden at the Democratic debates, and it scored her a decent jump in the poll numbers.

Now over at CNN they are wringing their hands over those who dare comment on the California Senator staking a claim in the oppressed minority demographic. Media condo-board president Brian Stelter is all types of concerned about those who call Harris’ identity into question.

It is always an amazement for those of us not tied up in racial politics to watch those who rely heavily on injecting race into issues also then get outraged when others comment on the racial aspects that have been injected. It is noble to make your ethnicity a central component, AND it is unseemly for anyone else to invoke ethnicity, at the same time. (Need some mustard on that pretzel logic?)

But while CNN’s finger-pointer is busy trotting in his media hamster wheel it needed to be pointed out to Brian that some of those who have been mentioning the Harris family tree are not exactly living up to his supremacist caricature.

But while Tater is on the subject of condemning anyone who dares question the Kamala lineage he might want to spin around in his chair and peer across his own newsroom.

If Stelter were truly bothered by this sort of thing he has a source right over there, just by the table with the dozens of donuts from Dunks.

I’m sure it never dawned on Tater that when it came to festering conspiracies one might be forwarded by Mr. Zombieairliner himself. After all, he is a POC himself — and he works at CNN ! He would never so much as dare to make a comment on the racial purity of Kamala Harris! That is simply un–

Oh hell…

So to recap: Anyone questioning the Kamala Harris racial identity is trafficking in false claims, and it derives from a position of racial intolerance. Unless they are the Washington Post.

And some black voters.

And CNN’s Don Lemon. But anyone ELSE doing so is completely racist!!!