It was last summer when the International House of Pancakes created a media stir by suggesting that they would be changing the brad from “IHOP” to IHOB”, supposedly reflecting a new focus on its hamburgers. Twitter went wild, as did other restaurants as the social media accounts from Wendys, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr. had something to say. Even Netflix tried to weigh in about the publicity stunt.

It looks as if the Griddle Cakes King is once again attempting to churn up some PR for its brand this summer. If you watched the opening game of the Stanley Cup Final last night you may have caught a commercial from the brand, hinting that there was something new represented by the letter “P” in its moniker. They even hinted at it hours before the game.

Now properly attuned to this marketing methodology the denizens of Twitter were poised, and they responded in force. Nobody was waiting for the announcement to come next week.

No question mark about it.

Of course, “Politics” also starts with that letter…

Good Job! That’ll learn him!

Of course, it this gets near the same amount of commentary as last summer’s faux logo facelift, there is only one word that results: