At the Cannes Film Festival there has been a wave of excitement over the new Quentin Tarantino title “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”, making its world premiere. There is already talk about the film being an Oscar contender, it is so beloved.

Tarantino himself though, maybe not so much. At one post-screening press conference he sat in with his cast and fielded questions from the media. One reporter from the New York Times, striving for wokeness, delivered an accusatory question about a female character not being given enough lines in the film.

Quite a few items to note here, first being “a scowl on his face”?! This is Tarantino — have you never seen the man before? He looks like he’s scowling while smiling.

But as for the gripe about the amount of dialogue, what exactly is the “correct” amount of lines character are to be given on screen? They are discussing art; are we going to begin applying quotas on dramatic presentations?!

As for the role itself, Robbie clearly took it on with full knowledge of the specifics. Reading the script would have revealed to her the amount of speaking she would be charged with, and she still accepted the job. Huh. In fact, Robbie had comments about her role, and she sure sounds rather glowing about her appearance in the film.

“I don’t think it was intended to delve deeper,” the Oscar-nominated actress said. “I think the tragedy, ultimately, was the loss of innocence. To show those wonderful sides of her could ultimately be done without speaking. … I got a lot of time to explore the character even without speaking. Rarely do I get to spend so much time on my own as a character. That was actually an interesting thing for me to do as an actor.”

However this is 2019, and if you do not comport with the outrage sect then you are someone who needs to be dealt with. After this particular exchange it was not the reporter and her insipid question who came under fire, it was the director for acting in an intemperate fashion to a “serious” question.

Seriously with this? The only way you could make a statement like that is by having a working ignorance of Tarantino’s filmography.

All of that aside though, this is the era of Woke-Back Mountain, so a career of delivering strong female roles means nothing today when MARGOT DIDN’T GET TO TALK ENOUGH — PATRIARCHY!!!!!

At least many out there saw through the triggered-hysteric nonsense.

This is 2019; you do not have a journalism career unless you are generating outrage. She was only following the corporate mission statement.

The only fun aspect of all of this is seeing leftist journalists going after leftist Hollywood players with their fractured leftist societal rules. The next decade could really be fun if this continues to grow in scope.