Ryan George is a writer and videographer over at the movie portal ScreenRant. (His “Pitch Meeting” videos on current films are good stuff.) Last night he was in attendance at an advance screening for the new animated lark “Detective Pikachu”, and as he detailed — things went awry.

It turns out that the tykes in the theater were in store for some content they may not have been ready to see.

Well now, that is not great to hear! I’m sure they were fine though, right?

Oh dear. Okay, hopefully they were able to put that behind them as they sit back and enjoy —

Something is seriously amiss! Why would they play these trailers ahead of a kid’s movie?!


Somewhere there is a theater assistant manager being forced to turn it his corporate vest!

Well — EVENTUALLY they sorted things out on site. Sort of.

That’s a good pull right there.

Heh. Truth.

At least they have the weekend to work out all of their existential damage possibly incurred. I’m sure the soothing sounds of Ryan Reynolds’ voice help calm some nerves…