If you cover our culture with any regularity you come to understand that there are a number of items and events that we just are not meant to understand, yet we are compelled to revel at and applaud. Perhaps typifying this reality is the annual celebrity gathering called The Met Gala.

Some celebrities are invited to some fashion event, and some in the press dutifully belch out the images, and for some reason we told to care. Have you ever seen photos from fashion runways that have models in costumes so bizarre you just know they are pranking the industry? Well, The Met Gala is where one might wear such garishness.

Case in point: Here is Katy Perry.

Frankly, any video of her on the red carpet could not be as entertaining as one of her trying to negotiate entering through the front door. Later, at an after-party, she was adorned as a hamburger. Yes, she did.

There were many other top-flight celebrities suffering from an abject lack of attention, wearing just as outlandish/stunning/senseless regalia, but one outlet has this covered. You may think those outfits were inspired by the fashion world’s top designers, but the people at the New York lease application, Flip, noticed on its account that one other source was a possible inspiration — The Target housewares catalog!

It turns out many of the celebrities appear to have been browsing for home goods when seeking inspiration for what to wear on the red carpet.

You know, hard to deny right?

Next, Bradley Cooper’s side piece.


Once you see this you cannot unsee it.


Admittedly, this one is a favorite.


Now wait, does Celine perform at The Venetian in Vegas? (see what I did there?)


This is just brutally accurate.


And of course, the Kardashian clan was in attendance.


Betting more of these get sold than her dress.


And supposing here that Kim was going for “glowing”.

(Just to pause for a moment: people are not just making lamps out of salt, they are buying them, too?!)

And here, nailed it – right down to the taper.


“Alexa — could you choose my outfit for tonight?”


One of these would look natural on a bed:

What the store chain really should do is arrange all of these items together, and sell them as their own The Met Collection: “Items for your home inspired by the desperately needy A-list celebrities!

Okay, arguably the ad copy could use some work — but there is a goldmine here. (Reaching out to Target marketing division right now…)