After Thursday’s release of the nearly 2 years long Robert Mueller snipe hunt a number of media figures embarrassed themselves while writhing to extricate themselves from culpability. As they tried to out-humiliate each other a question had been posed: Have the Krassensteins weighed in on this matter?!

While avoidance is always the pragmatic decision in these cases sometimes you have to reach out and touch the fire, just to be reminded. And so exploring the Bieber Brothers today has been a revealing look into what oblivious delusion looks like.

There is the temptation to alert Eddie The Kruiser here of Hillary’s willing participation with the Ruskies and Ukrainians in 2016, but that may send Eddie into a tailspin.

The investigation did not establish that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government“.

That is in the report. In reading through this exhaustive volume in order to uncover that particular phrase one would have to delve all the way to…PAGE TWO of the report.

Enemies?! Are we wrong remembering President Obama established in the debate with Mitt that Russia was no longer our enemy?

What makes this part so damned funny is that Mueller spent nearly two years and came up with nothing to show cooperation. Yet it has been widely reported — that is, proven — that Hillary obtained oppo-research from the Russians. Not sickening, not madness, mind you.

Let’s peer over at his Wonder Twin, Brian, and see if there is anything approaching constructive thought.

For…?? Coming up empty-handed? Clearing the President for reelection? Unplugging 2+ years of media subterfuge??

You have to appreciate Bri closing this insipidness with a rhetorical, as if aware nobody would drop a dime on such. But then he thinks Hillary even wants to go anywhere near this after her Steele dossier has been outed as a farce that she funded.

It is an amazing thing to see — two minds who think as one, and yet together cannot manage enough cerebral thought to amount to full brain power.