Given all the focus on (and rightfully so) the reactions to the Mueller report, it would be easy to overlook the other deeply important and culturally significant issues happening at the same time. For instance — Aquaman shaved off his beard!

Actor Jason Momoa has shorn his facial growth and the world, it seems, is shook!

This is the biggest news since he was spotted with a Gucci scrunchie on the red carpet at The Oscars — maybe even bigger!

Now yes, you may think this shaving is a rather pedestrian occurrence, but there are numerous reports on this…event. Also, there is video to capture this significant moment in our nation’s history.

The actor begins by stating “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastics are killing our planet.” It seems he is involved with a project to encourage people to drink water from aluminum cans, which are completely recyclable, and therefore far better for the planet.

He posted the deeply significant event on his Instagram page.

So he has partnered with the Ball Can Corporation to release his own line of waters, which are sold in 100% recyclable aluminum cans. A noble effort.

But you are probably asking, what is the connection between the environment, canned waters, and his beard? That question may go unanswered.

Now, while I understand that he is trying to promote awareness – and his own line of eco-water – we still do not grasp the beard connection. And it seems the intent of his message was lost on most fans. They seemed focused on the facial tonsure results. Maybe he should have started selling shaving cream?


Hey, c’mon Fandango! Don’t go commercializing this outreach Momoa made in the name of — commercializing his line of waters.


Hey, following that debacle with removing Super Man’s mustache for “Justice League” this is a solid concern. But the good news for the rest of us men — we can grow out our beards now and attract those ladies who have been turned away by this development…right??