Jordan Peele, half of the reliably hilarious comedy duo Key & Peele, is transforming into a film director auteur. Two years ago he impresssed with his racial horror film “Get Out”, and last weekend his follow up effort “Us” was an even bigger hit in its debut last weekend.

During his PR tour Peele sat in with the comedy group The Upright Citizens Brigade and discussed his film making. The Hollywood Reporter quotes him:

“I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don’t like white dudes,” he said, nodding over to his moderator pal Roberts. “But I’ve seen that movie.” The line drew loud applause and shouts of agreement. “It really is one of the best, greatest pieces of this story, is feeling like we are in this time — a renaissance has happened and proved the myths about representation in the industry are false.”

There really is nothing wrong here. He is a director, and the casting choices for his films are his choice — especially if he is writing stories centered on black characters. Considering the dearth of such roles in Hollywood there is even less to complain about.

Over at the racially obssessed outlet The Root they were confident that there would be white people complaining about this quote.

Certainly there is some curiosity about this, considering the “sea of white tears” that is reportedly flowing, as some wonder how come you have not heard of this outrage?! Well believe them at The Root, there was Outrage!!

Like clockwork, those aforementioned “white dudes” took a short break from soaking in their regularly scheduled mayo bath and expressed just how pissed they were.

Now, you may be thinking this sounds like a rather racist comment to make, especially in this era where food can actually be racist. But moving beyond such (since we are not hysterical reactionaries here at Twitchy) let us delve into the myriad examples of these mayonaise-slathered white dudes who were outraged at Jordan Peele’s comments.

Annnnnnnd that is all.

So, Two. The Root managed to find TWO examples. The writer was so convinced whites would find Peele’s quote offensive they scoured the internet and came up with one person saying they would not see his film, and the other essentially posing a rhetorical. Two random individuals (one with 18 followers) constitutes “a sea of white tears”.

Quite a few more than two others noted the reporting was lacking in substantive content.

The derision has been well earned.

That is…you know…it just… — oh hell, well done.

The sea of non-existent outrage seems vast!

Sly move, that. Making the most of your pain.

This, exactly, is what happened. Instead of chasing the story the writer chased her prejudice, and strained to find anything to support what she was just convinced would be out there. The struggle for confirmation bias was real.

But then that is The Root, where almost every article could be summed up thusly–

(I swear, I just love that kid!)