As mentioned earlier today Sarah Sanders tweeted out a mock March Madness bracket that set up a contest among those who were among the most ardent pushers of the Russian Collusion storyline for years.

Many blue checks took offense that the official account of the White House press secretary was used to promote this item. One other who expressed dismay/disdain/dispiritedness was the leftist writer for the CONSERVATIVE outlet, The Bulwark, and recidivist tweet-deleter, Molly Jong-Fast.

It seems almost that Molly Jong-Fast thinks Sarah Huckabee-Sanders created this massive bracket while on company (government) time. It is easy to become baffled by this, given that the email address for the New York Post account to send in your selections is in the center of the grid.

It seems a tad out of balance for Molly to be complaining about wasteful government expenditures, coming just days after a marathon investigation into Russian collusion came back with nothing to show for it.

That summation is, as they say, a layup to make.

She does, she does. When busy being petulant you tend not to analyze things too deeply. Or, at all.

Another point lost on the esteemed leftist-at-a-True-Con outlet is that there is an extensive history of basketball brackets and the White House — if “just a couple of years ago” is enough to be declared “history”.

Maybe there is something else behind Charlie Sykes’ pet writer grousing over this display?

There may be truth behind this one. Trust us, had Molly made the list she would be crowing about that accomplishment for days.

It has not been good for the Never Trump Armada the past few days since the Mueller report doused their dreams of a Trump ouster. On Sunday, once the contents of Mueller’s investigation were made known, a number of conservative outlets had pointed out some writers from the left were acknowledging the report showed there was no Russian collusion.

This did not sit well with Bulwark writer, and renown enemy of conservative female journalists, Christian Vanderbrouk. Seeing conservative outlets touting those writers brought out his condemnation.

Interesting, for a couple of reasons. UA here rolls out his condemnation for those on the right not embracing voices from the left, suggesting they are scared of them. Also, if you recall, the Bulwark sent Molly Jong-Fast to CPAC to mock pro-life panelists and insult the appearance of a cancer survivor. After getting called out for that questionable decision Brandt here was in full defense of Molly.

So when their website turns to a liberal writer it shows how gloriously open-minded they are — just any other outlet on the right referring to a liberal writer becomes ridiculed for doing so.

But what is really interesting is that while mocking the “MAGA Right” for using what he calls “token libs” it was just earlier in the month that he found that term to be flattering, when describing Molly’s work for their site.

I suppose we can forgive the oversight of his own words from weeks earlier. The result of Mueller’s report has many of the NT set feeling virtiginous and out of their own orbit. Let us give them some time to get their bearings and return to a centered state of being.