You have to admit, though generally infantile at times, the growing feud between Tucker Carlson and CNN’s media Yorkie Brian Stelter is also damned amusing. Tater frequently clowns himself by accusing Fox News and other conservative outlets with supposed ethics complaints which he and his network violate on the regular.

After launching at Tucker at the instruction of Media Matters over comments Tucker made about thirteen years ago Carlson has regularly targeted Stelter, referring to him as Jeff Zucker’s personl eunuch. And then things got personal.

It was on his March 17 edition of Reliable Sources Stelter implied Donald Trump had mental health issues (a common claim of his) and then he went on to imply Fox News could have similar mental challenges. That stelter is so brave that way. Tucker decided upon a novel retort — He had one dozen jelly doughnuts sent over to Stelter at his office. The media expert seemed to take it in stride.

But the New Your Post’s Page Six spoke with somee inside CNN, and they were told that the dozen Dunks from Tucker was a hateful move.

So let’s get this straight — Brian Stelter can state that Fox News is mentally unhealthy, but if Tucker Carlson sends Tater some donuts that is a triggering hate-crime due to fat-shaming.

Readers chose sides, and it seems this war could last a while.

Well, he didn’t. It was CNN that turned it into a comment on his weight.

Did they miss that whole segmeent of Tater calling the President, and Fox News mentally deficient in classy fashion? Yes, yes they did.

Oh now, it is rather certain that Brian does not want to get into a ratings discussion.

Trust us — Stelter would vastly prefer to talk about anything apart from the current news cycle. Pretty fair odds he will dedicate this weeek’s show to March Madness.