One of the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS; consult your physician if condition does not lessen after 4 months) is a persistent belief that the Pressident is in possesssion of multiple mental health ailments.

An extension of the impeachment desire, this belief is at the crux of the conspiracy theory that the 25th Amendment could be invoked, by declaring President Trump mentally impaired and incapable of leading the country.

An enthusiastic believer of this is Washington lawyer, George Conway. His Twiter timeline is awash in speculations, as well as retweeting those who also repeat the same contention – such as Bill Kristol. Today he offered up a supposedly clinical confirmation of mental deficiencies.

Now as we all know, relying on the professional diagosis of people on twitter for anything is a foolproof proposition and the best way to confirm a malady. George here is a lawyer, so forgive if we do not take his assessment at full value, no more than seeking out legal advice from your therapist (er, that is, if anyone uses the services of a therapist, hypothetically, of course.)

However there is another issue with swallowing George’s diagnosis whole. His wife. Turns out that psychoanalyst George Conway Esq. is married to none other than Kellyanne Conway. Huh.

Precisely the question; his wife is one of the President’s staunchest defenders in the press. For George to be so adamant about the mental state of the President calls into question the intelligence of his own wife.

While accurate what Catherine here misses is the root of her entire point she makes — ALL of this is mere political theater. If George were even slightly concerned with all he is supposedly revealing then how could he allow his wife to work in such a dangerous environment?

Now would that not be a rather interesting discussion to sit in attendance on?!

Yes, it is curious that George has no similar diagnosis for the person closest to him enabling such a “dangerous” individual. Surely there will be tweets later this week to that effect.

It normally would seem the apex of a dysfunctional relationship. A man feels the need to warn anonymous individuals roaming the internet about the dangerous reality of Donald Trump’s mental condition — but he happily kisses his wife goodbye as she goes to work directly with such an emotional ogre.

He would appear to be someone who himself could use some couch time with a shrink.