The annual sporting distraction that takes place called March Madness is nearly upon us. Office work will take a precipitous dive, and bars will become a nightmare as televisions will not feature any hockey games because they will instead be dedicated to hoops contests between Creighton and Florida Gold Coast University. (No resentment here, swear).

In an effort to court those patrons the national chain Buffalo Wild Wings is rolling out a multi-layered ad campaign. One of the commercials is rather…well it is kind of…that is it…well, you will just need to watch it and see.

Uh, yeah – a restaurant is promoting off of men diminishing the aspects of themselves which define them as men. Nothing at all wrongheaded about that plan.

Those stools, by the way, are in very limited supply, with only two available in New York, and two in Los Angeles.

If you are blinking blankly trying to absorb what you just saw, trust us — you are not alone.

Oh sure, THAT was the issue with this commercial!

The concern of course is keeping things out of the food. Is there a special net that one wears…?

There is at least one helpful theory surrounding this — whatever this is.

Okay, we can SUPPOSE there is a connection to be made here — in commercials about making a disconnection. A vital, important, and (mostly) permanent disconnect.

Not too far off at all with this theorem. Looking into things it turns out the advertising minds behind this one is called The Martin Agency.

And here is a bit of news that should come as little surprise: They recently replaced all of their male executives with women.

So the gals at Martin felt the best way to market to a campaign audience of mostly men was to promote neutering them. That should go over wonderfully.

Yea, we’re going to need some Duluth Trading and Jack Daniels spots to fix this and make things right.