For the past few weeks there has been all manner of outrage and controversy surrounding the release of “Captain Marvel”. Now that it has been released, and become a legitimate hit, all of the hysterics can come to an end.

But not the stupidity.

The business authority of the entertainment industry, Variety, covered the successful box office returns, and managed to make a declaration that was heavy on the pronouncements, but light on the facts.

“Ends”, huh? It is almost as if it was the first film with a female to be successful in theaters.

Except —

You will have take forgive the movie experts over there, “Wonder Woman” was released all the way back in not even two years ago!

You just said the key word there – “try”.  If they had put just a little bit of effort into this then–then they would not have a grabber for a headline.

Meanwhile, there was more from those pesky movie fans and their memories.

Ah, “Underworld”. A 5-film franchise that has grossed $540 million dollars, starring Kate Beckinsale. But not a myth-breaking series, it seems.

Yes, then there is the “Resident Evil” series. Milla Jovovich was the lead in half a dozen of those titles, pulling in $1.2 billion for that franchise.

But that’s it right? There wouldn’t possibly be any other… oh hell.

Okay — but…but..ummm, they were not technically a “super heroes”, so…

Well now you are just rubbing it in.  Stop proving them wrong. THEY are the movie experts!