The cultural condescension from liberals is so commonplace that the only surprise anymore is when they do NOT act like pompous gargoyles with a snoot full bile. However they frequently fail to grasp that in order to act like an elitist you should first have legitimate superiority.

The latest comes from a verified user (there’s the first tipoff) from California (there’s the second), a self-important party worker from California (there’s the third) who of course knows far better than the rest of us.

You know, there is accidentally wandering into a ratio, and then there is openly inviting it upon yourself. David here engaged in the latter, and all of the scorn is well earned. It was almost as if he threw down a challenge.

This would be where it gets pointed out that Dave here is enraptured with the intellectual heft that is AOC.

Beyond Alex From The Bronx, there was no shortage of names offered up who are renowwn for the totality of their cerebral impairment.

And… let us not forget our favorite citizen-nuking genius–

Dave also has tied himself in a knot, because there are Democrat politicians from non-coastal states. That would mean…

Oops. I guess we’ll just assume they don’t count.

Such a deep reference — must not be from flyover Rube-istan.

I guess we are not smart enough to understand the magnificence of walking around in our own filth. Most would be just fine with blissful ignorance by comparison.