You just know this will lead to the typical cycle from leftists when caught barking about a satirical article: Conservatives have no sense of humor, followed immediately by realization and the cop-out, In order to be satire it should be FUNNY!

The mirth-impaired gang at Wonkette really thought they had nailed Alex Griswold, from the Free Beacon. He wrote a post-Oscars complaint that the Academy Awards had snubbed a “documentary” made by the Trump-snuggling duo known as Diamond & Silk. The ladies made a film titled “Dummycrats”. Wonkette read through Alex’s lament and all that can be said is — they pounced!

Now, even given a few allowances here, just how does one miss the obvious merriment here? Sure, maybe they do not know Alex is reliably snarky. Fine, maybe they don’t grasp the Free Beacon is willing to be satirical in its pieces. But how does the writer Robyn Pennacchia not pause at the concept of Alex lobbying earnestly for a film that he states he did not see?!

Robyn did not have to resort to investigative journalism to crack this mystery; she had to read all the way down to the third paragraph.

Despite it’s glowing reception, the film did not receive a nod for Best Documentary due to Hollywood’s insidious left-wing bias. I never actually managed to watch Dummycrats; the left-wing strangle on the national theater chains ensured that it’s national run was limited to a single Fathom showing.


In one segment Griswold wryly makes the case for “Dummycrats” by looking at one review for the film and clearly pulling out incomplete sentences in order to create raves. (“… Diamond and Silk are perfectly capable …” writes the left-wing The Outline. “One gets the impression that… their status as black women lends credibility …“)

Robyn’s journalistic skillset was not the least bit fooled! She corrects the record by printing out the full passages, when she managed to find the review from The Outline (that Griswold linked to himself.)

In case you could not guess by the strategic ellipses there, The Outline’s review of Dummycrats was not quite as glowing as Griswold is trying to make it seem. Have I SHOCKED you??? That kind of weaponized ellipsis is about on par for the intellectual honesty of the entire Right these days (and always).

We can say “shocked” is accurate here — shocking that someone can miss all the obvious satire and only see the weaponized dishonesty by the entire Right. Actually, when afflicted with this level of TDS maybe it is not so shocking after all.


Alex has refused to correct his statements, for the record.

That is just more proof of the ENTIRE right hating the truth, Alex!

And despite all of this, some people still missed the point.

You said it, not us…