It seems CNN has been in full banana/apple mode ever since it was recently announced they had hired Sarah Isgur (wait for it) a conservative (gasp!) as a political editor.

The hysterical pearl-clutching meltdown seen on the left after her hiring has been persistent, and the network is now in flailing backtrack mode. The Daily Beast has reported that CNN has been so shaken they reached out to the Democrats to say they have corrected this grievous error.

Since the hiring CNN said Isgur was to be taken off of working any debates, then from working any town halls, and now the woman they hired as a political editor is said to not be involved in editorial decisions. Her job just continues to get easier and easier!

Well, cut the network some slack. They thought it a good idea to have some diversity on its staff, not anticipating the frothing hordes who would be incapable of handling even one differing opionion.

Not to mention, expressing this outrage as if networks have never made these kind of hires in the past is naive, to be charitible. We have to go all the way back to two years ago when Democratic National Chair Donna Brazile was employed at CNN during an election. (Okay, arguably that did not end well, but still…)

More action is required here – they demand her scalp!!!!

Now?? You are trying to say the left is only seething NOW?!?! It has been rather obvious seething has been the default setting for at least two-plus years.

Oh really now – THIS is what has you questioning CNN’s credibility?! Someone could have guessed the years of slanted coverage, false stories, and Brian Stelter apologies would have brought you there.

Okay, now do Andrew Gillum. You know, the former Democrat who ran for governor in Florida, is thought to be a key running mate selection for the 2020 election, and is currently under indictment in Tallahassee.

See, this way CNN can say that they have a conservative on its staff, which allows them the chance to then deflect away from accusations of bias. It is rather cagey of them, if you think about it.