Man, the Left sure loves it some Handmaid’s Tale Dystopia!

Since the series debuted in 2016 leftists have been nearly obsessed with declaring that this oppressive social framework could be our future. As a result, frequently we have seen protests where scores of women dress in the crimson cloaks seen on the program.

For all of the complaining they do over how horrible it would be for women to be forced into the red togs, they sure seem to willingly dress up in these outfits very frequently! Recently the production was in Washington D.C. filming scenes, and the National Mall was awash in red robes.

For those on the left, the costume is a shorthand representation for conservative policy, partially because a visual is the quickest way to deliver a message, but mostly because the lot of them are incapable of critical thinking.

The show is based on a book from 30 years ago, written by a Canadian, who is a feminist, and drew a nightmare fantasy based on resentment of organized religion. There is no way this approaches a modern reality with GOP policy, but facts will not encroach on an easy-made narrative.

As a result, many who saw these pictures of the filming became deeply affected.


“Chilling”? “Creepy”? “Haunting”?? I mean, if a bunch of people playing make-believe in cosplay to pander to a gullible audience is something that strikes you, we suppose?

The numerous women in Trump’s cabinet were unavailable for comment — because they were working.

That’s not “irony”. It IS hysterical pearl-clutching, however.

Seriously?! This is a drama on Hulu — it isn’t the movie “Basket Case”!!!

I’m trying to imagine people unable to come to terms with that visual — considering how many crew members and cameras are in full view.

Joe needs to get a grip — and probably grab a few more beers. Relax partner, it is just a TV show.

A select few were not in fact scared.

Ha! I think when you can no longer differentiate between the protestors and the show then things have circled the horizon.

Let us just confirm, for anyone who may have been worried that a dystopian social revolution took place in the nation’s Capital, that “No” — we have not become a society that subjugates women like this.

Now you can all continue to protest by dressing up in these outfits that you say is horrible for women to wear.