It seems we are doomed to have the story of the trouble-stirring QB forever in our ears.

The week leading up to the Super Bowl was peppered with stories of protests and music acts who were supposed to honor an “intellectual picket line“. This was in support of the put-upon protestor, Colin Kaepernick. The press has frequently joined in on the legend-building.

Not to consider her a go-to football analyst by any measure, but Amber Tamblyn shows why it still amuses when those trying to condescend in lectures expose their ignorance instead. It was in response to a halftime show many declared sub-par that Amber felt the need to weigh in on the controversey.

It’s almost precious when they try like this! Let us just start with the “blacklisted” nonsense so many are attached to with Colin. See, the main reason Kaepernick is out of work is that he chose to walk away from his contract.

These are true statements. Colin was signed with the 49ers for 4 remaining years, in a guaranteed contract. When he stepped in to replace the starter mid-season he renegotiated a new deal with a clause to become a free agent after that year

San Francisco was willing to resign him in the off season, as the team was left with no quarterback at the time. But Kaepernick felt he had better money to found elsewhere. As the 49ers moved on the kneeling replacement QB discovered he was not so desired.

Which brings us to Amber’s other farcical statement. Yes — when Kaepernick began kneeling he was a backup quarterback.

In his last season, as a replacement, Kaepernick’s legendary performance was a won/loss record of…1-10. He lost his first nine starts before squeezing out a one-point victory in week 16.

Then it gets better. Amber tries defending her comment, and fumbles out of the back of the end zone in the process.

Except, teams rarely sign a player for being an “entire man”. They sign good PLAYERS.

You, with the pragmatic common sense.

And one last thing — Amber is declaring him a “legend” over being blacklisted — but she is also criticising the blacklisting…?

To summarize Amber’s contention:

Had Kaepernick not protested he would not be considered a legend, and when cut from the team simply for being a poor player nobody would have complained about his status. This means he protested in order to gain notoriety, and therefore she is saying he should be signed to a team…based on his ability to kneel by the bench.

Legendary stuff.