It is always revealing when reporters decide to delve into fly-over country and “expose” or “discover” some aspects of life therein. They may or may not intend to be condescending while marveling at the quotidian, but what frequently gets learned is how damned oblivious these sheltered bubble-dwelling elitists actually are in the real world.

The latest comes courtesy of CBS Sunday, which is gearing up for its coverage of the Super Bowl. The show gave one of its intrepid warriors the order to go out and discover the regional arcane details involving — breakfast.

In the segment reporter Luke Burbank seems wholly dismayed by things that should not dismay an adult. Like, what are those foreign-looking potato like spiky things, and they actually put cheeze on stuff! For the cameras thay actually show Burbank on theWaffle House prep-line. Making eggs was beyong his ken.

His narration is a slow, careful intonation, as if he was reading off of a prepared translation sheet: “Smothered – means – with – onions”.

Most were unimpressed with this light-shining expose of a mysterious restaurant — that has over 2,000 locations across the country.

This is so great, because you just know that happened.

That’s known as “anoymous sourcing”, to use their own language.

We are all the better now for this code being cracked.