Bad movies can be a delight for some people, and if you are in that select group then theaters currently have a treat for you. Released this weekend is a new film starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, and if you are unfamiliar there is good reason.

For Hollywood January is a time dominated between holiday blockbusters (like “Aquaman”) and Oscar-nominated fare (such as “Green Book”) getting most of the attention. As a result studios tend to dump unwanted, or problematic titles into theaters. One such arrived this weekend, and some feel the worst movie of 2019 has already been established.

A telling sign of trouble: Major movie stars are featured, the cast and the director have a number of Oscar nominations, and yet few even have heard of the film. The studio did little advertising to save on what it deemed a losing venture, and as a result it debuted low in the top-10.

Having seen this debacle this editor can attest, it is an unravelling mess of a fish tale. It tries to create a Shyamalan-esque plot twist, and in a way it succeeds – in the laughably dense way “The Happening” happened.

At Rolling Stone Peter Travers spared no punches.

“It’s still only January, but this bats*** bonkers trip through the subconscious has already earned a place among the year’s worst movies.” And Peter was being kind.

In his reveiw LaSalle makes it sound so tempting: “People who can enjoy laughing at something made in dead earnest, who can appreciate, in a perverse way, a phenomenal, jaw-dropping mess, may find an experience close to pleasure in this strange, misbegotten, three-headed freak of a movie.”

Many fans are of a similar opinion, encouraging some should go see this to witness the mess firsthand.

If there is any temptation of seeing this marvel do not seek out the plot twist. But if interested — they revealed it over at Daily Caller.

This is definitely a “RECOMMEND”, and as always — govern yourself accordingly.