If we thought there was any iota of a chance at seeing the press acknowlege wrong-doing and admit journalistic malpractice took place regarding coverage of the teenagers from Covington High School we can put that aside. After being faced with layers of inaccuracies and false accusations while covering this weekend’s controversy the Washington Post is reaching back to the birth of our country to justify its coverage.

It is looking like the WaPo may be in the market for a new tagline. All the news that’s fit to telegraph? Democracy dies in the archives?

The desperation here is rather evident, but the paper seems to think if they throw up enough historical white man guilt we may feel bad enough about ourselves and forget what a flaming pile of wreckage smoldering under a train trestle its coverage became.

They cannot help themselves. The press will get their scalp (ooooh, is that insensitive now?) They have their target, and they intend to bring it down.

Just to show the level of desperation to link the Covington School students to a hateful past, behold this passage

“Let us have peace” had been his campaign slogan the previous year, and after his election, Native people were forcefully confined to reservations where they would become “civilized.” To sidestep the abuse and corruption within the government’s Indian Bureau, Grant awarded contracts to religious groups to run reservation boarding schools. Those would eventually be dominated by Catholic missionaries, who took Native children from their parents and placed them in classrooms where they were taught to dress, speak and pray like white people.

Wow, sounds JUST like Trump’s border policy of stealing kids away, that is not happening at the rate claimed. Yes, these red hat-wearing Covington kids are guilty of that too!

This is maybe more accurate than many are aware. WaPo is in fact reduced to a click-reliant news outlet. Behold this snippet from a few years back.

Explains soooooo much.

Telling that the general public is able to devine more details than trained professional journalists.

Whoah dude, that’s cold. Accurate, but cold.