While everyone in the media was turning red-faced over the Covington High School assault-that-never-was, another instance of targeting high schoolers for alleged intolerance as a result of displaying Donald Trump regalia has surfaced.

It seems these days if you are in high school, and show support for the President, you are hate-filled and worthy of action against you.

Dateline: Jordan, Minnesota–

The story is that Michael Walker, a high school basketball coach, posted on his FaceBook wall a photograph (seen above) taken while he was at a road game. He expressed dismay over what had transpired.

Except — much like the Covington controversy — very little happened. In fact, there was no conflict or even a confrontation. There were kids, dressed up, and toting a Trump 2020 flag. That is the extent of the controversy, but you know how it goes – racism, and such, according to

“I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team. We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?

To cement the problematics Walker then added in the hashtags #critical questioning, #blackandproud, and #blackmenmatter.

One parent commenting on the display explained this was part of a planned USA Theme Night at the game. Other students in the stands are in fact seen in various stars-and-stripes outfits.

Walker, in asking about hate motivation, does not himself explain what particularly was inappropriate about the display. That is left to be assumed. We are, after all, currenttly in an environment where MAGA hats are equated to Klan hoods.

School District Superintendent Matt Helgerson released a statement on how they “regret that Roosevelt players and their coaching staff, fans and community were made to feel uncomfortable, as it is always our intent to graciously host our opponents.” Well, we cannot have athletes being made uncomfortable by…seeing a flag from across the court…?

The Superintendent met some resistance on his stance.

Helgerson was met with enough blowback on his apology that he has protected his account. Meanwhile there was another detail buried in the story.

Another coach from another school asked, “Why is politics being represented at sports? Is there an intimidation factor? … I think it’s divisive in this racial climate that we have.” Ah yes, about the politics–

According to the news report the superintendent confirmed that the Roosevelt team remained in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem before tipoff. This is something that coach Michael Walker has had his team practicing in all of their games this year.

Soooo — being political at high school basketball games seems a rather selective problem of “appropriateness”.