For a contingent of movie lovers there is a faction with a deep appreciation of bad films. Be they box office bombs, horrid attempts at movie-making, or any other type of misfire in theaters there is a subset of fans who appreciate these fiascos.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is popular for a reason.

Each year there is an attempt at recognizing bad films with The Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as The Razzies. Beginning in the early 1980s these were a fun catharsis against the uppity and self-serious Academy Awards. But then around the George Bush administration they decided that going political – and going with sophomoric humor – was the wise choice.

Since then organizers have felt the need to take this fun and unique version of Hollywood awards and turn them into an activist commentary outlet — in other words, just like the other awards shows.

This year was more of the same, with numerous nominations being wasted in order to make political digs, and otherwise ignore the desire to escape from politics our entertainment is usually sought out to provide.

This is accurate. It seems more often the nominaations are not based on what were truly bad cinematic offerings, but what picks would generate the best press releases. This year Dinesh D’souza’s “Death Of A Nation” and Michael Moore’s wholly ignored “Fahrenheit 11/9” gave the Razzies organizers the chance to get their political digs in.

Look, that 1991 win was a solid choice — a horrid appearance in a classic bad movie. But this year he is selected for not only playing himself, he is BEING himself in a documentary. But the powers behind the Razzies could not resist injecting #WeResist commentary.

To go along, Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway are chosen in the “Worst Supporting Actress” category for, again, merely appearing on screen as Melania and Kellyanne.

These are NOT bad acting performances and, worse still, it is robbing the chance of recognizing other legitimately bad performances. In total they have wasted SIX nominations that should be used on genuinely bad artistic representations.

Well, he’s an actor, so that’s expected.


Heh -heh. Of course, not everyone is facetious about such things. After all, there just HAS to be a race component.

I guess when you achieve diversity and begin nominating black actors then you are still being racist??

You make a great point Rosen, in that they do not make a great one. When they make these selections yet snub “Hurricane Heist”, or “Solo”, or “Tomb Raider”, or “Action Point”, or “Welcome To Marwen”, or…