Alvin Kamara has quickly become a star in the NFL. He is an explosive force out of the backfield for New Orleans, and is widely respected and liked as a player with high character.

The running back for the New Orleans Saints has in just two seasons become a star in the league, amassing 3,146 yards and scoring 31 touchdowns. He is such a dual threat that he recorded 1,000 yards rushing and receiving faster than any other player in NFL history.

His stats regarding how many garbage bags he tossed have yet to come in however. With the Saints poised to play in the Conference championship this weekend, Kamara was spotted working — as a sanitation technician.

Fret not fans wearing “Geaux Saints” gear — Kamara is not boosting his income due to being cut. As reported in Sportsnaught this is a regular activity for the star. He has made it a point during the season to spend his Off days from practice going out and working a blue collar job.

He has not paused from this routine as the team has made the playoffs. And while a few short-sighted fans were concerned over his well-being one game shy of the Super Bowl, many more have been giving him proper credit.

You must being doing things right when the company’s competition recognizes the effort.

This leads to a question: if things continue on as they have, will he be taking on a furloughed government worker position next???