Amusement is always the result when leftists rush headlong into an issue before thinking their comments through to the end. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is the latest, as he threw his support fully behind the teachers in the Los Angeles district poised to go on strike.

That a liberal pundit would back a union is not a surprise in any manner. But the critical barbs he was tossing in order to support them were not being flung towards an opposition but were tossed over his shoulder, hitting his own targets.

My, sure sounds like Cenk is upset with those running the show in CA. Now, who would that be? Who has run and operated the California school system for generations?

Nope, that would require self-awareness. But looking over Cenk’s tweet there is so much to untruck here. Let’s start with the Democrat elites who place their children in private schools. They tout the public system which they then avoid for their own families. Plus —

Okay, that didn’t work.

Now on to the government.

This is accurate. School spending has increased, and yet they cannot get the money into the schools.

However rising expenses have also hit the schools, in the form of an influx of new students due to the sanctuary status granted to undocumented student-aged arrivals. This is coupled with rising pension obligations and rising cost of living expenses in the state (per the Public Policy Institute of CA), and before you know it the schools are actually bleeding money, despite the increases.

Now there you go, using pragmatism and common sense. Where do you get off?! They would not be liberals if they did not criticise political figures before declaring the need for MORE government.

Then there is the “lunch assistance” portion. Does Cenk truly believe 8/10 students are going hungry, in L.A.?

This is a long established fact. Schools offer free lunches, then studies count how many students exploit this offer, then they count those as “underfed students”. To say 80% “need” assistance is way off the mark.

Ever shall it be the case.