Like a purse dog with distemper brought to a dinner party and not receiving enough attention, the animal rights group PETA has attempted to jump into a national story by barking incessantly, once again.

The backstory: In the run up to the Sugar Bowl played on New Years day there was a small episode on the sidelines between the mascots of the two teams. The Texas Longhorns are representedd by Bevo XV, a longhorn steer, and the University of Georgia Bulldogs have tenth-generation Uga X.

During the pregame events for a photo-op Uga was brought over to the area where Bevo was penned. A brief skirmish flared up between the two.

There were no injuries, and neither animal was adversely affected. In the aftermath, as many across the country were discussing the event, PETA saw a chance to glom some of the attention.

The group has sent letters to the respective universities, requesting they suspend the use of live animals as mascots. This, in response to an incident that did NOT take place.

What this collective of stunted furries fails to grasp is that these two animals – and all of those used by colleges across the country – are treated in a fashion that exceeds humane.

This is beyond true

To go with the ice, his dog house is air conditioned.

To consider the alternative for these animals would involve a level of cognitive reasoning that PETA has shown over the years to lack. Has anyone in the group pondered that maybe being a bulldog mascot is a better fortune than being condemned in a PETA incinerator?

As for Bevo, he’d likely have a similarly dire future.

No — no they do not.

Oh now, they lost credibility long ago. Just last month they wanted to change the name of a British town, because it was offending sheep.