Remember, not so long ago, when Kanye and Kid Rock visited the White House and the press was badgering President Trump for courting celebrities? Well, beyond ignoring luminary-snuggler President “Slow Jams” Obama, our media titans will surely remain mostly mute when news of today’s opening of the 116th Congress is reported.

With a new Democrat-controlled House session commencing there were some notable names in attendance.

This was not mere coincidence. The newly minted Speaker of the House (wait, we cannot use that term, for numerous reasons) Nancy Pelosi invited some celebrities to attend, it seems.

If you need some help with why these are famous names you can do a web searrch…or ask your Grand mother about them. Bennett had a hit song decades ago about Pelosi’s hometown, and Hart is the percussionist of this dinosaur band called The Grateful Dead.

If it strikes you as out of touch that the Hawaii-vacationing Speaker would be cozying up with celebrities, it is for solid reasoning. There are other reasons as well.

At least Nancy took off her flowered lei before today’s opening. Also, adding to the youthful vibrancy of her guest list, was another member of Generation Silver.

That’s correct, Tim Gunn was also invited by The Speaker. It makes one feel so – represented!


Well, he’s no longer drinking remember, and that is somewhat required when attending a Congressionaal session.


Someone absconding with unearned cash? Suddenly this seems rather ideal for Pelosi after all.