There really is little else more oblivious than when our nation’s millionaire athletes try to sell us on their plight as millionaire athletes. Maaaaaayyybe when our Hollywood millionaire celebrities make similar claims, but that is about it.

It might approach something close to acceptable were it say, a fifth-stringer on a practice squad, barking about vocational injustice. But when the upper tier players, who earn more than most third world countries for bouncing a ball, are the one complaining it really is time for them to invest in a diamond encrusted ball gag.

Yes, once again a player earning an eight-figure salary is invoking slavery. Because those realities are practically the same. Not sure what Beto O’Rourke backer Lebron James is doing here carping about the NFL, but his ignorance of basic commerce practices is rather stark.

Now…does King James actually think that a business owner expecting certain performance levels of employees, or they risk termination, is a unique concept in the business world?!

Not to mention, on this point he may be severely lacking in self-awareness.

Yea, about that…

Money aside, there is another aspect of Lebron’s attempt at underscoring a non-existent plight: when it came to slavery I’m sure many would not have minded being released by their owner.

Of course, there were plenty who took King James’ side on the matter.

Hmmm…top of the mind here? How about HOOTERS???


You have to know somebody.


Well there you go, muddying up the outrage lecture with facts that do not sit perfectly with the claim!


Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees…slaves, the lot of them!


Just like these players, those slaves did have a strong union.

Wonder if there are many anticipating the next bit of wisdom from the Lakers star.