In the sweepstakes to become New York’s biggest lecher Eliot Spitzer just moved ahead of Anthony Weiner. The New York Post reports that a former escort has made some bold declarations surrounding the onetime New York governor, who already has a history of bold declarations.

According to Svetlana Travis Zakharova when working for the former CNN talent she had some interesting forms of ingress. Spitzer’s then wife had made the command that only family could ever go into their residence. Seemingly smuggling the escort inside was a spiteful move on his part.

Of course the details are in the story. For instance, the multimillionaire who was chased out of the governor’s mansion over another sex scandal was not so impresssive.

As astounding as it is that a woman might submit to this degradation, Svetlana admits to agreeing to this technique FIFTEEN TIMES. I imagine you need specialized luggage to transport a $5,000 a night escort.

That’ll cut it, and fool everyone! One assumption; given she was a Russian escort I’m betting an American Tourister was out of line to use for the occassion(s).

He also was seemingly lacking in his hosting duties.

Praying that is not a euphamism…

Just know that when it comes to sex scandals and dealing with shady Russians, that is only a concern with the President.