PETA is at it again. The outfit that always dictates what we should eat for some reason always seems thirsty on social media.

The latest desperate plea for notice involves the pro-quadruped organization attempting to dissuade meat eaters by suggesting there is a chance that some unsavory elements may have found their way into your meal.

As our grandparents always said, it’s a desperate call for attention when someone talks about butt stuff. In typical fashion though the group has managed to inspire not revulsion, but derision. Those at the top of the food chain sharpened their knives.

WSWYDT. And it is accurate.

Which brings up a point the cattle-snugglers do not want to consider — some far grosser things are involved with their bumper crops of kale.

Now wait a moment, we might be on to something here.

You have to pay extra for that, Cotton.

Well now, there is a bit of unfortunate timing at play for the meat police. Just as PETA attempts to shame carnivores with colon talk word comes out of more botanical threats in our food supply.

Yea, we’ll just take our chances with our brisket, thanks.

And word of caution if you are possibly looking to other vegetables as a safe haven — you cannot spell “eat broccoli” without “E coli”.