Dude, he’s the mascot of a HOCKEY TEAM – what did you expect to happen?!

Friday night at the United Center the Chicago Blackhawks suffered a tough loss in overtime to the Winnipeg Jets, but for one fan he suffered embarassment during another type of loss. In the concourse of the UC a post-game scuffle occured with a fan and a Blackhawks employee.

This was not a concession stand dispute, or an argument with seat ushers. One attendee apparently had a problem with Tommy Hawk, the avian mascot of the team and it was captured on video. And it did not go well for the fan. Tommy managed a body slam, some punches, and a headlock before disentangling with his attacker.

Police on the scene confirmed the mascot had been initially assaulted, by a male estimated to be 18-20 years old. No one was brought into custody, and that seems understandable. After that kind of blackbird beatdown in front of a crowd it would have been best to disappear as quickly as you can.

Yea, it has been a tough season already on the lake


The references were swift, and accurate.

Some may expect he gets 5-for-fighting, but really he needs a 5 game suspension for sheer humiliation.

If this guy ever does resurface and he has thoughts of suing the teaam there is someone he should call immediately.