Next weekend the next massive comic book hero epic, “Aquaman”, debuts in theaters. Ahead of that holiday blockbuster release the promotional hype has begun, and that includes the release of the soundtrack today.

One touted track features Miami’s Pitbull, and it is a remake of majestic proportions.

You read that correctly. Pitbull took Toto’s classic anthem “Africa,” and converted it into a dancehall angry ‘rapfest’. It is a perfect marriage of elements that never should have been introduced, let alone permitted to date and develop a relationship.

Reaction to the track has been that the song is a few fathoms below being sea-worthy…or hear-worthy, for that matter.



If you are one to appreciate the lower-rung misfires in our culture (such as this editor), this song is pure amazement and joy. Here is a perfect assessment:

Others have been…less tolerant

Brutal, but fair. It will be tough to look at an aquarium without animosity, for some people after this.

WARNING: This song may induce sea-sickness.

You need to be made of sterling character to survive cultural elements like this.

There may be no better assessment of what has happened here than this:

Summed – up.

Nothing left but to find out if enough damage has been made to this DC Comics movie to declare Pitbull the musical equivalent of Zach Snyder.