With his big debut as “Aquaman” set to hit theaters in time for Christmas star Jason Momoa has been seen everywhere. He has been featured repeatedly performing the Maori Haka Dance on red carpets, and is touring the talk circuit.

One element however has heads turning on the internet. Paparazzi shots of Momoa on his way to an appearance, flanked by his bodyguards, brings out some pointed questions. Notably: Those guys are guarding him?!

There does appear to be a bit of a discrepancy between the guardians, and Aquaman.

Less violent options were also offered. Perhaps more than protection is going on here.

Yes, the lasses seem to have a thing for the man. Easier for them to bend over than his burly self. There is also a certain synergy that is not lost on some.

Except, wasn’t Drogo killed off? (sniff)

Okay, that was a little too deep for the shallow minds who work here.

There may be something more explainable at play here. It seems Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has a similar juxtaposition difference with her handlers.

I bet Warner Brothers does not want their super hero performers looking meek beside their own protection unit. This maintains some of the mystique. It all makes sense! (Until there is a problem, of course…)