Fox News’ Tomi Lahren shared her “Final Thoughts” on why President Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to protect the American people. In Lahren’s eyes, Trump is putting Americans first, which is what a president should do.

As usual, the liberals came out of the woodwork to attack Tomi. It seems to be the one thing they’re oh so good at.

Not everyone has to agree with President Trump and his policies but no one can deny that his tax cuts are working. More Americans are seeing more money in their pockets each and every day. That’s not “fake news,” that’s a fact.

How long should the United States sit back and allow other countries to continually school us over for before we say “enough is enough?”

Liberals: there are some things that you really seem to fail to understand.

  1. The president doesn’t make laws. Congress does.
  2. Wanting the president to legislate through executive order is DANGEROUS. The Founders left legislation to *gasp* the legislative body of government … CONGRESS. If you have an issue with some of the policies that are taking place, call your congressman or senator. It’s that simple.
  3. There isn’t a “fix all” for everyone. Part of being a capitalist society is the free markets decide who is successful and who is not. If companies like Toys R Us can’t be competitive then they go out of business. It’s not the job of the government to pick winners and losers.

Yeah, because that’s just what Americans need … more people intruding on their personal information. As if Facebook wasn’t enough.

… what do Native Americans have to do with putting borders up on the wall?

Anyone who lives in the southwest will tell you there’s an illegal immigration crisis. Period.

OH! Watch out! We got a badass over here!

It’s hilarious. Liberals say they’re tolerant of everyone but they continually bash conservatives by calling people out of their name.

Reeeaaaal classy, ya’ll.

*eye roll*

Can’t these libs come up with anything more creative?

Tammy. Tumi.

What other names do ya’ll have for her?

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