Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv is a well-known Second Amendment supporter. On Friday night Kashuv shared a meme that speaks for itself:

Of course, pro-gun activists had to jump in on the fun and throw some sarcasm into the mix.

Criminals love following laws.

It’s always amazing when gun control advocates admit that what they’re pushing for doesn’t work but they want stricter laws because then they think it SHOULD work. How many gun control laws need to be passed before they accept their fate: gun. control. does. not. work.


And to control people.

We should start calling it what it really is.

Then the Left would accuse us of being crazy gun zealots. Oh wait…

And here come the meme wars!

YouTube is probably singing a different tune now (but behind closed doors because they’d hate to admit that they were wrong).

The definition of an “assault rifle” is stupid. Then again, most gun control advocates think AR stands for “assault rifle,” so there’s that.

PERFECTLY sums up liberals. The p*ssy hats are the icing on the cake.


Redneck anime. That’s a new one.