Earlier today, Matt Deitsch, March For Our Lives’ Outreach and Messaging Coordinator sent out a rather interesting tweet about how the Second Amendment failed to protect different groups.

Of course, in typical liberal fashion, he ended his tweet with a “demand.”

Carmine Sabia was quick to jump in and have a dialogue with Deitsch about why he’s wrong about the Second Amendment.

“Common sense” usually translates to gun regulations.

Kids are capable of understanding policy and advocating for it but Carmine is right. Kids play into emotion more than adults.

The reason we don’t hear about suicides and gang-related incidents as much is because it’s not considered “newsworthy.” Look at places like Chicago where people are continually gunned down by a rival gang. It’s considered the “norm” in the Windy City.

Would suicide rates really decrease or would people go to another method of taking their own live? Would they hang themselves? Cut themselves? Overdose on medications?

Why does being a proponent of the Second Amendment suddenly mean a politician is trying to “fund their campaigns?” There are politicians who grew up hunting and around guns. For them, having guns in your home is a no-brainer. It’s what everyone does.

Exactly. No other country in the world has the same type of government structure as America. No other country protects the right to bear arms the way America does. Implementing gun control is a LOT easier in countries where it’s elites who own firearms.

Using NYC as a mecca pushing gun control is equivalent to using Baltimore or Chicago. It. Is. Not. Smart.