It’s no secret that Tucker Carlson has some of the craziest guests on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. On Thursday night’s show he had Fox News Contributor Cathy Areu and it was a REAL doozy.

The two discussed whether or not illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in the United States’ elections. Of course, Areu argued that people who “contribute” to our society but are in the country illegally should be allowed to have a say in what laws impact them. Translation: illegal aliens should be allowed to vote.

The BEST part of the whole dialogue? Tucker using Areu’s liberal logic against her by saying that, based on her desire, it should be okay that Russians meddled in our elections.

Of course, Twitter went NUTS over what Areu said (and can you blame them?!)

Let’s call them what they are: illegal aliens.

And what would keep people from traveling to other countries just to vote?

Look at Tucker’s face. He’s FLABBERGASTED.

If people voted wherever they wanted then how would they have “representation” in Congress?

He did (along with every other conservative in America).

If anyone can vote in an election, what motivation does someone have to become a citizen? ABSOLUTELY NONE.



ET phone home!

Grab the booze. You’re going to need it.