During yesterday’s March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., a gun control advocate attempted to warn those on her side about James O’Keefe for (gasp) making undercover videos that expose people and their ulterior motives.

The problem? O’Keefe had already been to the rally…and interviewed people.His response to the tweet warning was utter perfection:

You know that burn has GOT to sting.

At least O’Keefe’s followers (and the conservative movement as a whole) got an awesome laugh out of the exchange.

Along with the rest of America.

Apparently media interviews should be more protected than the ballot box. Makes no sense.

O’Keefe doesn’t put words into their mouths. He asks them questions, they answer and he exposes those answers. Nothing wrong with that.


Translation 2.0: AHHHH! The media will ACTUALLY portray us how we really are! Run and hide!


Yet you took the time to reply to his tweet. Sure showing how much you care there, buddy.