Conservative high school student CJ Pearson decided to make a video about the #MarchForOurLives rallies taking place across the nation. The best part of Pearson’s video? He uses facts — you know, the thing that Democrats really hate — and history to explain why the Second Amendment is vital to the American way of life.

Pearson is ON POINT.

Look at history. Look at what happened to the unarmed citizenry. Our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in place to protect Americans from a tyrannical government. They feared a powerful government. Taking away that fundamental right goes against everything America stands for.

CJ is proof that not all teenagers are Snowflakes.

And never let them berate you either.

Did you hear that, Dems? FACTS >>>>> feelings.

They’ll also realize the First Amendment isn’t protected in other countries.

More kids should learn history. Because those who fail to learn history are destined to repeat it.

And then there were those gun control advocates who had to try and trash CJ.

Heaven forbid there’s a free-thinking youngster out there.

What do cherry blossoms have to do with anything? Suddenly they’re connected to politics?

Say whaaat?

Guns are used for more than “killing with ease.”


Shooting sports

Target practice


It’s illegal to kill people, but self-defense is legal. Clearly liberals don’t know the difference.

It takes more bravery to stand against the grain like CJ is doing than to go with the wind.

Except when people say “ban all semi-automatic weapons” they’re wanting to basic abolish all guns. Know why? Because 99% of guns ARE semi-autos. See how that works?