Allie Beth Stuckey, better known as the Conservative Millennial, proposed an interesting question to gun control advocates: why does someone have to hate America in order to want gun control?

It’s a reasonable question considering the number of crazy signs we saw during #NationalSchoolWalkoutDay earlier this morning.

Yeaaaah. No. Not how that works.

You don’t take away rights just because a person doesn’t want to utilize them.


That’s the GREAT thing about America. We ALL have a choice. And there are millions of people who don’t agree with your choice, Mr. Hedlin.

If you look at history, it’s very obvious that they start by disarming citizens. The government does this so the people can’t fight back.

Remember the saying: those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.

It also makes you wonder if these kids really have motives or if they’re walking out to “keep up with the Joneses.” Are they giving into peer pressure or are they protesting by their own free will? Are they walking out of classrooms because it’s become the “cool thing” to do?

That would be REAL damning to their cause.

They’re trying to completely change America. And this is JUST the beginning.

Riddle us this: if these kids who protested didn’t hate America then why did they burn the American flag? Why are they comparing law-abiding gun owners to the KKK?

It’s easy to say “this person is a racist and a member of the KKK” when they don’t agree with you. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it fact.