Students in Chicago are participating in #NationalWalkoutDay but they’re taking things a step further. Instead of focusing solely on gun control, the students are focusing on removing police officers from schools across the Windy City as well.

Seems they have ‘feeling incarcerated’ confused with being safe.

Kids these days.

Is this because they realized the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept actually failed the students in Parkland and not the NRA?

Or are they just following popular yet ignorant progressive talking points?

We’re gonna go with the latter.

The students’ list of demands is beyond stupid.

What constitutes the rich paying “their fair share?” What do you consider fair? 40%? 50%?

How about instead of supporting businesses based on skin color the city stays out of the market and allows the free market to do its job? If the businesses are providing for its customers, it won’t matter if they’re owned by black, brown, Asian, white or purple people. They’ll be thriving.

“Eliminate the gang database.” Yeah, no.

The city can’t allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote, that’s not their decision, that’s a federal law. Same with non-citizens voting.

At least if students are going to push for policy changes, they need to understand that: A) money doesn’t grow on trees, B) the city is limited in what laws they can pass and C) just because they demand something doesn’t mean that it’s going to become a reality.